Are samples available?

Yes. At Tolan Skincare, we want all of our customers to buy with confidence and satisfaction. We will gladly send you up to three (3) samples of the products of your choice to try before making a purchase.

Orders for samples can be placed via our website, or email us at info@tolan.ca.

Complimentary samples are also included with every order. Try our other products with your order and see how well they work together.

I have a skin condition such as eczema, rosacea, or psoriasis. Can I still use Tolan Skincare cosmetics?

Absolutely! Tolan Skincare cosmetics products are free of harsh chemicals and irritants, and all of our botanicals are skin-friendly and gentle.

We also carry a specially-formulated Problem Skin Cream designed to treat eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis, as well as protect against adult and adolescent acne. Made with Sea Buckthorn, a wonder ingredient for skin conditions, Tolan Skincare’s Problem Skin Cream may be for you.

Our Foaming Face Wash is coconut-based, making it an extra-gentle cleanser to act as your first line of skin defence against irritating environmental chemicals and pore-clogging oils.

Is Tolan Skincare Canadian owned, operated, and manufactured?

Yes! Tolan Skincare is wholly Canadian owned-and-operated, and our product line is produced in Canada as well. You can be confident that all of our products comply with Health Canada’s stringent consumer protection laws, and that our company shares your values on the welfare of Canada’s environment.

Are Tolan Skincare cosmetics products all-natural?

Yes! Tolan Skincare’s formulations are made with 100% naturally-sourced ingredients. Where an ingredient is made from other ingredients, such as our emulsifying wax, the original ingredients are all-natural.

Do Tolan Skincare cosmetics products fall under Health Canada regulations?

Of course! All-natural doesn’t mean regulation-free, and Tolan Skincare is proud to participate in consumer protection programs that ensure all of our customers can enjoy our natural products safely and confidently.

All of our ingredients are checked against Health Canada’s cosmetics hotlist, ensuring that there is nothing in them that shouldn’t be.

How long will my product last for once opened?

Once exposed to open air, our products have an approximate use-by of 12 months.