At TOLAN SKINCARE, we understand that our customers have concerns. Concerns that the products they buy and the companies they buy from share their values. That’s why Tolan is committed to the same social responsibility and awareness that our customers are.

All-Natural and Naturally Sourced
Our products are all-natural and naturally sourced. Ingredients that are made from a reaction come from a natural reaction between naturally sourced ingredients.

There are no artificial ingredients in our products, no artificial preservatives, no artificial aromas, and our products are paraben-free.

Our products are never tested on animals. We believe the truest test comes from how they perform on people, and the ingredients in our formulas have shown, time after time, their efficacy in skincare and hair care.

Furthermore, all of the organic-based ingredients in our compounds, such as fatty acids, are plant-sourced, guaranteeing that no animals have been harmed from the time our products are formulated to the time they reach you.