At TOLAN SKINCARE, there are many reasons we favour natural products and there are many reasons you should too.

Using With Confidence
Along with inhalation and ingestion, dermal absorption is one of the most common ways for anything from medication to toxic substances to enter your body. With all-natural, botanical-based ingredients, what’s going onto your skin and into your body are plants that have long been known to have nourishing effects, essential vitamins, and plant fatty acids. Even our more complex ingredients are made from combining naturally-sourced ingredients.

Buying Smart
With imported cosmetics and foods increasingly setting off red flags for tainted products and synthetic ingredients added regularly to watchlists, it’s reassuring to know exactly what goes into the products you buy. With naturally-sourced ingredients from North America, you can be assured that every product Tolan Skincare carries complies with the exacting standards set forth by Health Canada, whether you’re buying domestically or importing.

Social Responsibility
Beyond simply providing a better product, natural ingredients give us an opportunity to give back. With growing concerns about environmental damage and animal extinction, providing natural products means providing peace of mind. Our products are cruelty-free, vegan, and sourced from plant-based sources. No labs have been built over the natural wilderness we get our plant oils from.

See our social responsibility page for more information.